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Cameras Lenses Accessories Details


William Clarke uses OLYMPUS professional DSLRS, lenses and accessories

Available Accessories for Rent

Manufacturer Item $/Day
OLYMPUS FL-50 dedicated flash 25
OLYMPUS FL-40 dedicated flash 15
Canon 540-EZ flash
works in manual on Olympus
Canon 430-EZ flash
works in manual on Olympus
Canon TTL off-camera cord
also works with Olympus
WEIN Safe-synch hot-shoe 10
Opus Optical slave trigger 5
Opus 100w monolight/stand/brolly 20
Opus 40w slave/stand/brolly
c/w coloured gels
Booth Large reflector gold/white 10
Sandisk/Kingston 2Gb CF Card 15
Sandisk 1Gb CF card 10
Various 512Mb CF card 5
OLYMPUS Extra BLM-1 Batteries 5
Kodak Extra D2000 Batteries 5



Prices subject to change without notice

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