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Cameras Lenses Accessories Details


William Clarke uses OLYMPUS professional DSLRS, lenses and accessories

Auto-Focus Lenses
Olympus professional AF Zuiko Digital lenses have been engineered for the 4/3 format and provide 35mm equivalents equal to twice their physical length. For example; A 50mm lens has the 35mm film equivalent of 100mm.
The professional lens formulations include aspherical construction, low-dispersion elements and feature rugged weatherproof construction and durable seals. And each lens features upgradeable firmware to ensure stellar performance out of the box and into the future.

Shooting a wedding or capturing a corporate assignment? Try the Olympus ED 14 - 54 F2.8 - 3.5. This professional grade lens features quick and smooth focusing with even tones and sharp, clean images across the frame and throughout its (35mm) 28 - 108mm range. A must-have for documentary work, this is truly an exceptional multi-use lens.

Have to capture a sports moment? Try the Olympus ED 50 - 200 F2.8-3.5. This lens is an absolute top performer and features solid, weather-resistant construction in a zoom range of (35mm) 100 - 400mm! Check out some of my portfolio shots to get an idea of what this lens can do! Outstanding!
Want to experiment with a medium lens and extreme close-up photography? The ED 50mm F2 might just be the lens. Splash proof and compact, it's fast aperture and (35mm) 100mm reach let you make eye-catching photos in just about any lighting situation.

Zuiko EZ 14 - 45mm F3.5 - F5.6
*Standard with camera rental

Zuiko ED 50 - 200mm F2.8 - F3.5
$105/weekend (Pick up after 4p.m. Friday and return by 10a.m. Monday)
$210/week (10a.m. Monday to 4p.m. Friday)

Zuiko ED 14 - 54mm F2.8 - F3.5
$65/weekend (Pick up after 4p.m. Friday and return by 10a.m. Monday)
$120/week (10a.m. Monday to 4p.m. Friday)

Zuiko ED 50mm F2 MACRO
$95/weekend (Pick up after 4p.m. Friday and return by 10a.m. Monday)
$160/week (10a.m. Monday to 4p.m. Friday)

Coming soon;
Sigma 105mm F2.8 $60/day
Sigma 150mm F2.8 $75/day
Olympus PRO 35 - 100mm F2 $150/day

Manual Lenses
As a working photographer, I like the tight feel, sure focus, smooth contrast and sharp control provided from manual lenses. No electronics to fail, no motor noise, no hunting for a focus lock, so there's nothing between you and the photo - except glass.
Here is my ever-expanding collection of outstanding manual focus glass in M42 screw mount, Tamron Adaptall and OM bayonet mounts.
Want to try a REAL 8mm fish-eye on your DSLR? Try the Peleng 8mm lens. This one features filters that go over the rear element and provides a 180-degree field of view (watch your toes!) to capture those EXTREME wide-angles.
How about the classic sharpness of the rare Tamron SP 70 - 210mm BBAR MC MACRO lens? This non-telescoping macro zoom lets you get super close and for just a fraction of what it would cost to own, you can make your own classic wildlife or sports photos!
Don't forget; using these lenses with an Olympus E300 or other 4/3 camera means the effective focal length is DOUBLE that stated!

(Prices include adapters)

Manufacturer Mount Focal Length Aperture Features $/Day
Vivitar OM 200 F3.5   10
Tamron Adaptall 70 - 210 F3.5/4 SP,BBAR,MC,MACRO 10
Zuiko OM 50 F1.8   10
Zenitar M42 16 F2.8 full-frame fish-eye, rear-element filters 20
Peleng M42 8 F3.5 circular fish-eye, rear-element filters 40
Soligor OM 35 - 105 F3.5 MACRO 10
Helios M42 85 F2   15
Paragon OM 28 F2.8 MACRO 10
Ask about week and weekend rates

Don't see what you're looking for? Just ask!


Prices subject to change without notice

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